Top global financial enterprises choose Lend.In as their preferred system!

What is Lend.In?

What is Lend.In?

Lend.ln is a low-code lending suite that provides an end-to-end lending solution to banks and credit institutions. It consists of loan origination, loan management and lending intelligence that help enterprises maximize their business performance and digital ROI, Lend.In is built for new age lending institutions to modernize their loan processes and drive digital transformation at scale.

Why Lend.In?

Why Lend.In?

Designed for today's digital-first enterprises, Lend.ln provides a secure platform with essential building blocks to configure robust lending systems to improve every aspect of the business. In today's digital age, speed is everything for financial enterprises! Lend.ln leverages API based integrations and cognitive automation to quickly launch loan products across devices and accelerates speed to market by delivering experience that matters.

Bring all your teams to one platform

Unified platform to transform customer experience and drive revenue

Lend.In Origination

Financial institutions can transform their process for a digital-first world by connecting and integrating with Fintech and regtech ecosystem for smarter loan origination, and achieves a greater degree of control and flexibility with their loan products.

Lend.In Management

Empower lending organizations with a modular, flexible and scalable system that helps them launch new loan products with faster turnaround time. allows easy API access from LMS and creation of new, non-traditional loan products

Lend.In Collections

It manages, monitors and analyzes delinquent payments and enables quick proactive measures to be performed when a certain portfolio tends to go bad. Decision automation allows the system to inherently take actions while handling payments.

Lend.In Decisions

Banks and lending enterprises can leverage pre-existing data, captured online data and recommend highly personalized offerings to their customers based on their behaviour, triggers early warning signals and mitigates fraud.

Single platform with multiple business benefits

Trusted by top lending enterprises globally

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Recognized as the top vendor in 'Emerging Category' in the report 'Commercial Loan Origination: Evaluating Vendors That Hone the Tip of the Spear'
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Recognized as the top vendor in 'Emerging Category' in the report 'Commercial Loan Origination: Evaluating Vendors That Hone the Tip of the Spear'