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Loan Origination

Built to process high volumes of loan applications with features to ensure a high application conversion rate. Smart loan origination allows integrations with Fintech and Regtech Ecosystems to prevent drop-offs, reduce backoffice TAT, predict PARs and so much more! With a certified security of ISO 27001 and scalability to ensure 3-week loan product launches, how can your business benefit from Lend.In’s LOS?

Loan Management

Proactively identify, classify, and manage loans on a regular basis by configuring flexible repayment plans and periods. With analytics and automation across loan review, reserve calculation, and valuation, manage your loans better and launch new loan products with a faster turnaround time. Find out how you can improve the credit portfolio of your business with Lend.In’s LMS.

Loan Collections

Improve collection efficiency and sensitise borrowers to repay on time by managing, monitoring and analysing delinquent payments. Drastically reduce gross charge offs and the net-charge off rate through digital loan collections with decision automation and early warning systems. Take complete control of all your collection activities to address all loan portfolios with Lend.In’s Collection Management System.

Lending Analytics

Reach out to the right customers and improve customer acquisition by leveraging pre-existing data. Analyse and model data across loan operations to help with decision making, efficient delinquency management and personalised loan servicing. By triggering early warning signals, mitigating fraud and increasing the loan life-cycle value, retain only the most profitable customers using Lend.In’s Lending Analytics System

What is Lend.In?

What is Lend.In?

Lend.ln is a loan book evolution software that provides an end-to-end lending solution to banks and credit institutions. It consists of loan origination, loan management, collections and lending intelligence that help enterprises maximize their business performance and digital ROI, Lend.In is built for new age lending institutions to modernize their loan processes and drive digital transformation at scale.

Why Lend.In?

Why Lend.In?

Designed for today's digital-first enterprises, Lend.ln provides a secure platform with essential building blocks to configure robust lending systems to improve every aspect of the business. In today's digital age, speed is everything for financial enterprises! Lend.ln leverages API based integrations and cognitive automation to quickly launch loan products across devices and accelerates speed to market by delivering experience that matters.

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Recognized as the top vendor in 'Emerging Category' in the report 'Commercial Loan Origination: Evaluating Vendors That Hone the Tip of the Spear'
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Recognized as the top vendor in 'Emerging Category' in the report 'Commercial Loan Origination: Evaluating Vendors That Hone the Tip of the Spear'