in development
Upto 400%
improvement in
loan conversions
TAT reduced from
one week to less
than 15 mins
gains achieved

Why a Platform-Based Strategy Wins

While the 'product' approach works in scenarios where the industry and business rules remain static and constant; the face of lending today is quite dynamic and different than it used to be. Business logic needs to be constantly re-examined, customer demands continue to change and most lending products existing today in the market are limited to just one focus area. Products, much like lending, will need to constantly evolve. A platform approach enables businesses to get the flexibility to manage this evolution and leverage an external ecosystem of vendors and digital channels to create value. Lend.ln is designed to support every touchpoint in the lending value chain, and ties in cross-function components to enable a collaborative experience. Realise a limitless experience for your financial institution through comprehensive loan products that are agnostic across devices, geographies and currencies through a platform-based solution.

Reimagine tech framework for your financial enterprise using Lend.ln

Single platform with multiple benefits


Build loan journeys and launch new loan products in lightning speed using the low code platform.


Delivers bionic or Straight-Through-Processing of loan products with minimal or no offline touchpoints.


Empowers business teams with an easily configurable system requires zero lines of intricate coding.


ISO 27001 certified system that ensures security for mission critical applications.

Cloud Ready

It can be deployed over any public cloud like AWS, Google Cloud or private cloud.


Provides a seamless onboarding journey from any channel assisted by real-time ID scanning, facial recognition, and auto-filled forms.

Transform your customer lifecycle with Lend.ln solutions custom-made for any loan type, in any part of the world

Commercial Lending

Enable pre-filled forms and shrink the time taken for customer onboarding with a seamless business verification process that fetches and screens data from trusted, external databases.

Commercial Lending
Retail Lending

Retail Lending

Make customer drop-offs a thing of the past with intuitive loan journeys and a cohesive digital experience that enables loan disbursements in a matter of minutes.

SMB Lending

Validate the creditworthiness of unbanked sectors of the economy through smarter credit assessment and manage collections for risky or non-performing assets

SMB Lending

Integrate with everything

Financial institutions can leverage Lend.In’s API-enabled business architecture to integrate with any internal and external applications, to digitize and automate end-to-end lending processes. They can also plug-n-play pre-built integrations with minimal coding efforts. Connect to credit bureaus, CRM, social, banking & financials, chatbots, communications, analytics, payment gateways and myriad of other regional enterprise applications to reduce cognitive load on customers, minimize latencies and ensure smooth lending.


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Kuliza featured as 'Innovation' in NelsonHall's NEAT vendor evaluation for Digital Banking in the support for New Digital Business Models market segment.