How Financial Institutions can leverage Lend.In’s Centaurus Upgrade to transform their Business.


The latest enhancements of Kuliza’s flagship product: Lend.In

In January 2019, we launched the Andromeda Upgrade of our Low-Code lending suite. Since then, we’ve expanded our reach into 3 new geographies gaining multifarious customers like FE Credit, Incred, Magma, L&T Financial Services and many more. We asked ourselves how we could improve our product, and after insights from our partners, customers, financial analysts and by observing market necessities, we’re back with a new Lend.In upgrade.

After a year-long hiatus, we present to you the Centaurus Upgrade brought about through innovation and evolving trends to help you modernize your lending transformation process.

In the last upgrade, we saw revolutionary changes in our lending system through:

  • Low-Code Operational Modes:
    To reduce the overall TAT, operation costs and to enable quicker decisions, Lend.In is built in a modular fashion facilitated by implementation in the front end through minimal code. It is a consistent low code platform from each module to the integrations.
  • Updated Lending Analytics System (LAS) and Early Warning System for NPA prediction:
    Early warning systems were created to offer a Portfolio Overview of NPA prediction, helping your institution with decision making. LAS was upgraded to create new users and roles through the simple administration page.
  • A Self-sufficient Customer Service Dashboard:
    A portal that helps customers get a consolidated view of their application, perform self-help tasks, get automated responses and answers to their queries, and update their profile. The dashboard also provides independence to the customer in the viewing of the loan disbursement details, EMI Schedule etc.
  • An Improved Collection Module with classification of cases:
    Lend.In’s improved collections management allows the customers to manage delinquent cases using a robust case management framework.

and many more.

While staying true to the successes of the last update, we believe that modernization was a priority to maintain our stance as a domain leader. To penetrate the lending space and create a single platform for all loan products, we created the Centaurus Upgrade to bring you enhancements in three aspects:

  • Product Enhancements
  • Module Enhancements and
  • Improved features and functionalities

Below is a detailed account of some of the new features Lend.In has to offer.

  1. Product enhancements:Introducing the Loan Management System:

    Lend.In’s LMS has been designed to fix gaps in the traditional LMS and is enabled to drive new loan products as well as the existing ones.
    Features of the LMS include:

    • The Master product configurator that can help an organization design: New loan products of any ticket size, as well as customized traditional loan products offered by the market.
    • Flexible redesign of policies and re-engineering of loan account actions can be done on bank or market necessities.
    • Ability to operate as a standalone LMS or integrate with an existing LMS or Core Banking System.
    • Multi-level application security.
  2. Module Enhancements:
    • A revamp of the Lending Portals:
      The Lend.In portals have been modeled on Case Management Model and Notation (CMMN), the first of its kind in the market, where other platforms are configured through traditional BPMN.  Lend.In provides for a customized assignment and allocation logic and allows stakeholders to subjectively appraise the loan application in the portals according to the risk appetite and demands of their financial institutions.

  • Additional features in the Collections Module:
    The framework of the entire Collections module has been configured using CMMN for greater efficiency and real-time configuration. In addition to upgrades released last year, some additional features in the module include a Notification Engine, Collections Dashboard, Receipt generation and management system and an LMS Trigger. The adaptability and seamless integration allow the module to be easily deployed on any platform based on business needs.
  • The Digital Experience Manager:
    To bootstrap the user interface application for any loan product, the Digital Experience Manager (DEM) was created for further processing of the journey from the user perspective. With a single code to operate on multiple environments and low code easily configurable styling, the DEM has improved since its last upgrade to further better front end customizations for customers.
  1. Improved Features and Functionalities:
    • AES for database security:
      Business Analysts/configurators will be allowed to choose whether sensitive information such as PAN, Aadhaar and other personal information should be stored in an encrypted form in the database or not.
    • New Partner Integrations:
      In addition to the 58 existing integrations with OCR partners, Credit bureaus etc. the API Integration broker of Lend.In has now expanded the partner ecosystem adding 18 new integrations including IDfy’s Video KYC solution and Leegality’s e-sign feature to enhance security and legal compliance.
    • Application Partner Integration Broker integrated HTTP tasks:
      To further reduce coding efforts of business teams Lend.In introduced the usage of HTTP tasks. This will allow users to call any integration on the APIB through a simple HTTP task without the need to write any code.
    • Lead generation through Chat Bots
      Keeping up with the latest efficient trends of using chatbots on landing pages, Lend.In has introduced features to improve customer lead acquisition through chatbots.

In summation of all the aforementioned updates, other features will also be shown in the product demo during our webinar. To find out more about our flagship product and the innovations we have employed over the past year, register for our webinar to take your financial institution to the next step.

Webinar scheduled to take place on 14th April 2020 at 11AM. If you haven’t registered, Sign up now and save a seat.