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Latest product enhancements of Kuliza’s flagship product Lend.In

In July 2018, we rebranded our flagship lending product to Lend.In, the Operationally Intelligent lending system for banks and lending institutions. Today, we present to you the next leg of product updates to give you a heads up on how we are imbibing innovation with evolving trends to help you upcale your lending transformation processes.

Some of the key enhancements of Lend.In in this version include:

  • Lead Management for Lead filtering, assignment, and life-cycle management
  • Self-sufficient Customer Service Dashboard
  • Improved Collection Module with classification of cases
  • Integration with Google Vision, IRAS, Credit Bureaus like Singapore Credit Bureau
  • Updated Lending Analytics System and Early Warning System for NPA prediction
  • Multilingual capabilities for over 50+ languages
  • Backoffice processes

Below is a detailed account of the new features that Lend.In has to offer:

Lead Management for Lead filtering, assignment, and life-cycle management.

In Lend.In, lead management lets you make your leads sales-ready. The system  is fully equipped to support leads from multiple sources, and when a lead enters the system, it goes through a dedupe check to prevent duplicity.

The system allows for automated or manual lead all

ocation and provides flexibility in terms of changing system configuration. Furthermore, admins and users (agents) can also enrich the leads by creating tasks and activities as well as updating the status and stage of the lead for better tracking and monitoring. These leads can also be exported for offline viewing.

Self-sufficient Customer Service Dashboard

Customer service dashboard is a portal that helps customers perform self-help tasks, get automated responses and answers to their queries, and update basic details and profile. Customer can also give their feedback via ratings or comment upon the service of their request. Once the loan is disbursed, the customer can view loan account details such as – remaining loan amount, tenure, next EMI, next EMI due date, etc. Thus, the dashboard gives customers the power to make changes on the go and be more independent.


Improved Collection Module with classification of cases.

Lend.In’s improved collections management allows the customers to manage delinquent cases using robust case management framework. With role-based access, powerful workflow engine and dynamic assignment mechanism, customers can configure operationally optimised collections processes. The module is mobile enabled to empower field collections’ force as well.


Key Integrations

  • Integration with Google Vision (OCR on documents like GST, Agreements, Payslips etc)
  • Integration with Google Vision lets you perform OCR on documents like GST. Statements, E-Log Card, Vehicle Sales Agreement, Payslips. This process is paperless and foolproof, thus avoiding manual entry-based errors and everything is saved digitally.
  • Integration with IRAS lets you check the GST registration of an entity.
  • Integration with Credit Bureau lets you retrieve individual Credit Reports for fetching information about bankruptcy, charge-offs, delinquency, obligations, and credit bureau score in real -time thus easing critical decision making in a shorter span of time.

Updated Lending Analytics System

Lending Analytics too has some new and improved features to offer:


List of dashboards available as dropdown for access by any user allowing for easy selection

Users can set any dashboard that they have access to as the Default dashboard, which they can view every time at login.

The new administrator page now allows admins to create new users and roles for LAS.

Admins can also map users and their roles on page.

Early Warning Systems – Early warning systems now offer a Portfolio Overview of NPA prediction, helping you with decision making.

Now compare multiple models on the same window for versioning

One step deployment of the model chosen by the user, which can be put into practice and applied to the entire portfolio.

As of today, Lend.In completes processing over 24 billion INR worth loans for a lending institution in India and offers STP of business and auto loans for a multinational bank. In the next product release scheduled for March 2019, Lend.In will have a lot more product enhancements in it’s Operational Intelligent Suite one of which being the Decision Support System.


Back Office Processes

Backoffice (BO) provides an all-in-one dashboard for financial institutions to keep their customer data organized and take necessary action. BO offers multiple roles with multiple users within each role. It is a highly configurable platform that controls access across roles and functions. A typical BO user enjoys several privileges such as edit, write, upload, and download fields. Furthermore, the user can schedule multiple checks at any interval and also transfer the case across users at different stages of the process; for exa`mple; sending a case back and forth between roles for multiple checks. Furthermore, BO allows the user to trigger integrations at all times to fetch the latest results. All actions are also accompanied with comments that make it easy for the other user to pick up the case.  


We are constantly upgrading our tech to build an self-sustainable lending product that delivers a superior lending experience for our users. The next set of updates is slated for March 2019 and will include the next set of new features and enhancements, with Decision Support System being the main highlight.