Redefining Design and Customer Experience for a Global Peer-to-Peer Lender | Case Study

Traditional processes in which stakeholders of start-ups or emerging businesses had to approach investors or gain enough traction to attract investors attention, were becoming increasingly complicated and time consuming due to the complex nature of the process involved.
Raising investor funding was almost always limited by geography due to changing policies, currencies, the lack of reach for borrowers and visibility for investors. Several other limitations of assessing risk through credit scores, lock-in periods etc. brought about the need for a digital lending platform that could break the regional barriers for borrowers and investors, simplify the lending process and bridge the massive gaps between the stakeholders, in the traditional lending process.Our client envisioned such a platform that could address the funding needs of SMEs, project finance, real estate schemes, start-ups and consumers. Such a platform could simplify the process for both lenders and borrowers and enable the latter to showcase their growth, portfolio and financial health to multiple investors at the same time without having to chase them. This could mitigate the complex, time-consuming process for lenders as well as the borrowers.
This vision of our client led to them looking for solution providers with a solid expertise in implementing lending projects for a diverse clientele in the BFSI domain.
You can download the case study here.